St. Ives

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St Ives is that wonderful blend of the creative with the well executed; of traditional themes alongside bang up to date style that creates a rich, diverse and colourful holiday experience. It is these combinations of the best from many styles that add up to the unique holiday destination so loved of regular visitors, so beguiling to the newcomer. Indeed, diversity and colour are reflected in everything that the town has to offer.

St Ives is justifiably famous for its glorious beaches where visitors can surf, build sandcastles, paddle at the water's edge or simply sit and read, soaking up the sun and the lively atmosphere. But the town is also renowned for an amazing clarity of light that has attracted artists from around the world to work and settle here. Evidence of the art and craft heritage of St Ives can be seen in the many galleries (including the Tate St Ives) and shops that line the cobbled streets and courtyards where pots and troughs of flowers lend a Mediterranean air to the town. The exotic ambience is further enhanced by a warm atmosphere and a proliferation of great places to eat and drink.

Before ever art and tourism appeared in the town, St Ives was a busy fishing port and there are still some traditional working boats in the picturesque harbour - living legacies of the town's seafaring origins.